Welcome to Getting Started,

although the company exists since 1995 it starts its iNET presence just these days [August 2000].

If you are...

...already one of our customers we hope you will find here additional ideas that support your company. Primarily this site will serve as -let's say- a relay station, for you.

...visiting us for the first time we attempt to inform you about our objectives and hope to give you some information necessary for further contact.


[You might think of searching and finding bottlenecks -where daily information is passed through your system, slowing down somewhere or even getting lost and therefore jamming your business-]

        In brief:

        to get the most out of what is already purchased or is planned to be implemented in your company.


How to achieve the above ?

"Getting Started", therefore,

        pictorially spoken, e.g. to get rid of such a situation...

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Please do not hesitate to contact us under...

+49 (08191) 922010
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Welfenstr. 37, 86916 Kaufering, Germany