No doubt, todays working world has changed dramatically, new technologies are used by everyone of us. Plastic cards and teller machines replaced the walk to our Bank, making us independent from opening hours. The Internet enables us to get a lot of information up or downloaded into/from the system nearly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Companies continue their information-exchange using web-sites, email, fax (it is still not dead) and voice, virtuell net meetings coming up soon. Creating and especially changing the "documents" carrying the information, is done by a few mouse-klicks (does somebody remember the old typewriter?).

Hold on for a second ...what's going on ?

Obviously everything is speeding up !

Why ?

Of course, as we all suppose, there must be an advantage, which is

  • saving money because of saving time by avoiding detours for your information passed in- or outside your company means, e.g. being faster selling products
Of course, as we all suppose, there must be a disadvantage -too-, which is
  • people within a company are not machines and therefore to rush introducing new systems [hardware, software, new workflow patterns] may result in a failure.

We think our Service-Offers, that will be found on the left hand side, are one way in finding solutions to the necessity of adjusting your company's "hardware" and human resources over time.